Welcome to the San Diego Chargers O-Line Analysis by Pacstud.  You can jump right in and click a game on the right, or you can check out our various educational links to get a “crash course” on O-Line terminology.  I hope you enjoy!


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  1. jvanallen says:

    Kyle Orton is a good quarterback, does any one remember when the broncos visited the titans last year? Orton engineered a game winning drive late in the game. How about when we played KC at home? Orton was on fire where we had 35 points on the board at halftime. I was at mile high last year when we played the seahawks, at one point Orton was like 14 for 16 on 3rd down, when we played the colts, Orton had better numbers than manning. Against the jets a pass interference penalty lost the game…. get the idea? Orton can play but he needs alot more support than he got last year. I meanOrton is all we had that you could cheer about, we had no running game, and a defense that was absolutly attrocious i mean all they did was play that soft zone crap all the time and hope the other team makes a mistake, that is lame , good riddence “winky”! bottom line-we have a solid qb in Orton all john fox needs to do is fix the D and running game and we are in business! Oh yea and to those wh want to talk franchise qb, remember the 2000 ravens? how about the 2002 bucs? do you think at the end of the season they was saying gee i wish we had a franchise qb? i highly doubt it being that both teams won the SUPERBOWL so get out of here with that crap!

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